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Wax Idols, "Schadenfreude" 7"

Image of Wax Idols, "Schadenfreude" 7"


Limited to 500 copies! Wax Idol’s new 7”, Schadenfreude b/w The Last Drop, is the music you listen to at night. Draw the blinds, turn off the lights and close your eyes. Stare at the black on the back of your eyelids. Echoing around your subconscious like being discharged from a 51/50 in the middle of the night in the middle of the city, alone and right before you find friends or drugs. The sound of a dizzy adaptation to a clinical, sadistic midnight world. Born from the punk rock meets pop revelry sensibilities of front woman Hether Fortune, Wax Idols has blasted their brand of cheeky, in your face “insert buzzword sub-genre here” from the Bay to your brain since forming 2 years ago. Their previous 7” “All Too Human” (Hozac) and the full length LP “No Future” (Hozac) were a showcase of Fortune’s uninhibited, snarling musical prowess and cultivated, take no prisoners execution. These new songs are evidence of Wax Idols’ carefully calculated evolution of sound, although maybe a carefully calculated, utterly submersive descent into sound might be a more accurate way of describing it. Hether Fortune, on vocals and guitar, was accompanied by her fellow bandmates Jennifer Mundy on backing vocals and guitar, Amy Rosenoff on bass and Keven Tecon on drums. With the aptly named A-side track “Schadenfreude,” Wax Idols invoke a perfectly executed frenzy of drums, distorted vocals, and compulsive guitar. It’s a song that sinks through the cracks with sinister hooks, a shifty eyed concoction of pitching and reeling reverb. The eponymous “The Last Drop” similarly swims with eerie layers of guitar over bass over drums, drenched in black eyeliner and sneering. The 7” was engineered and co-produced by Monte Vallier with Hether Fortune, and will be available via Suicide Squeeze Records on May 8th with a limited pressing of green vinyl. Snatch it up while you still have a chance because this record begs no comparison to predecessor punks. It stands on its own, with a kick and a punch in the face. Limited to 500 (SOLD OUT - 100 green, 400 black) copies worldwide.

Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format.

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