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Various Artists, "Suicide Squeeze Records Presents: Forever Singles" LP

Image of Various Artists, "Suicide Squeeze Records Presents: Forever Singles" LP


Limited to 1,000 copies! Whether a testament to the enduring allure of vinyl or the quality of the artists on the roster, Suicide Squeeze continues to make 7”s. And in this era of renewed interest in vinyl, the label’s limited-run releases sell out quickly. Lucky collectors continue to enjoy the vinyl, and the dedicated fans always have the option to download the mp3s. But what’s the better plan for making these recordings endure for posterity? To add mp3s to the ever-expanding annals of the internet, or to create a new slab of wax capturing the best singles Suicide Squeeze has had to offer in recent years? Not content with limiting the songs to the former, the Seattle indie label is going for the latter, culling some of their finest tracks for the compilation album Suicide Squeeze Presents: Forever Singles.

The LP captures the rowdy garage rock of The Coathangers and Davilla 666, the scraggly dirt-ridden guitars of JEFF the Brotherhood and Heavy Cream, the nostalgic ‘60s girl-group melodies of Bleached and La Luz, the exuberant power pop of Audacity, King Tuff, Nobunny, and Meat Market, the hazy noir soundtrack of Dirty Beaches, the vitriolic basement-show noise-punk of Nu Sensae, the sinister post-punk of Wax Idols, and the West Texas-bred Twin Reverb rock of The Numerators. Bundled together onto one record, the collection perfectly captures the spirit of Suicide Squeeze in the current decade: rambunctious youthful urgency tempered with a hat tip to rock n’ roll’s gritty unsung heroes of the past.

In keeping with the limited-edition nature of the 7”s, Forever Singles will be released on 1,000 hand-numbered custom green color vinyl. And while the compilation is a vital documentation of the Northwest label’s continuing commitment to bold and brash new artists, it’s also a solid reminder of rock music’s humble beginning on dusty old ‘45s.

1. The Coathangers "Merry Go Round"
2. JEFF the Brotherhood "Heavy Days"
3. Bleached "Electric Chair"
4. Meat Market "Too Tired"
5. Heavy Cream "Toasted"
6. Dirty Beaches "Lone Runner"
7. Nü Sensae "Throw"
8. Audacity "Finders Keepers"
9. La Luz "T.V. Dream"
10. Nobunny "La La La La Love You"
11. King Tuff "Wild Desire"
12. Numerators "Dead"
13. Wax Idols "Schadenfreude"
14. Davila 666 "No Crees Que Ya Cansa"

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