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The Coathangers & Nü Sensae, "Derek's Song" 7"

Image of The Coathangers & Nü Sensae, "Derek's Song" 7"


Limited to 750 copies! Atlanta’s reigning garage rock daughters The Coathangers return with the third installment in their series of split 7”s on Suicide Squeeze. This time they’ve teamed up with labelmates Nü Sensae. Both new listeners and longtime fans of The Coathangers will be whipped into a frenzy with “Derek’s Song”, a party-banger perfectly encapsulating the quartet’s capacity for sharp hooks and jagged instrumentation. Nü Sensae contribute “Throw” to their side of the split. Rounding out their sound with the recent addition of guitarist Brody McKnight, Nü Sensae’s newest song is a ferocious and harrowing leap forward. Brody unleashes foreboding guitar squalls while bassist/vocalist Andrea Lukic rages like Kim Gordon at her most incendiary moments and Daniel Pitout beats his drums to a bloody pulp. The Coathangers’ side will make you wanna get off your ass and dance while the Nü Sensae side will make you wanna go torch a car. Limited to 750 (SOLD OUT - 250 on white vinyl, 500 on black) copies worldwide.

Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format.

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