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The Coathangers & Heavy Cream, "Merry Go Round" 7"

Image of The Coathangers & Heavy Cream, "Merry Go Round" 7"


Limited to 750 copies! Atlanta, Georgia’s favorite raucous daughters, The Coathangers, return with the second installment in their series of four split 7”s on Suicide Squeeze Records. This time, The Coathangers’ effortless amalgam of garage rock righteousness, riot grrrl bad-ass-ness, and post-punk jaggedness is paired up with the propulsive proto-punk of their former tourmates in Nashville’s Heavy Cream. Fans of The Coathangers are already accustomed to the beer-soaked, dance-inducing jams whipped up by bassist Meredith, guitarist Julia, keyboardist Candice, and drummer Steph, but on “Merry Go Round” the quartet swap instruments and knock out their most solid and catchy number to date. With The Coathangers raising the bar with their newest song, Infinity Cat Recordings artists Heavy Cream countered by contributing “Toasted” to their side of the split. With it’s big and bold drumbeat, driving guitar chords, sing-along chorus, and blown out production, “Toasted” not only sounds like a fitting addition to JEFF the Brotherhood’s record label, it sounds like the long lost rock n’ roll gem that first incited Joan Jett and Johnny Ramone to pick up guitars back in the ‘70s. With the first of The Coathangers’ split singles on Suicide Squeeze now out of print (the highly coveted pairing with Puerto Rican party rockers Davilla 666), it’s not hard to imagine the 750 copies of this 7” (SOLD OUT - 250 opaque red, 500) selling out fast. Grab it while you can.

Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format.

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