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The Coathangers & Davila 666, "Smother" 7"

Image of The Coathangers & Davila 666, "Smother" 7"


Limited to 750 copies! Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed 2011 album Larceny & Old Lace, the rowdy Southern garage rockers The Coathangers plan to release four limited edition split 7”s in 2012, further propelling their reputation for rambunctious rabble-rousing and a relentless work ethic. The first of the splits finds The Coathangers whipping out one of their bawdy bombasts alongside lo-fi party septet Davilla 666. The Puerto Rican group raised more than a few eyebrows recently, receiving accolades from heavyweight press outlets like Pitchfork and the LA Times, and more importantly, winning the approval of contemporary garage icons like The Black Lips and Jay Reatard. Both bands bring scratchy guitars, hip-shakin’ beats, and sing-along choruses into the fray, resulting in an essential platter of primal rock n’ roll. The split 7” is limited to 750 (SOLD OUT - 250 gold, 500 black vinyl) copies worldwide.

Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format.

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