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Gap Dream, "Ali Baba" 7"

Image of Gap Dream, "Ali Baba" 7"


Limited to 750 copies! Somewhere in pre-dawn Cleveland, Gabe Fulvimar hunkers down in his bedroom with his laptop, a guitar, a drum machine, and a Fender Rhodes and records songs under the name Gap Dream. Before you groan over another “bedroom pop” artist, spend two seconds absorbing Fulvimar’s mystical, stoned-to-the-bone one-man garage rock. If Lou Reed and Jason Pierce had MacBooks back when they were starting out, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them kicking out a jam like “A Little Past Midnight”. It’s almost tempting to claim Gap Dream’s ability to make such warm, wacked out, psychedelic grooves in such technologically-cold hermit-like conditions as Fulvimar’s crowning achievement. But the process behind the music doesn’t mean shit when you hear Fulvimar’s smooth harmonies, warbling tremolo guitar, and reverberating haze sewn together into a tune as beguiling as “Generator”. May we suggest you dig into these songs in the same manner they were crafted? In your bedroom, late at night, under the influence of your favorite intoxicating substance. Limited to 750 (SOLD OUT - 250 opaque lavender , 500 black) copies worldwide.

Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format.

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